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Sathya Sai Organisation - Czech Republic Human Values
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Service Projects

Sathya Sai organisation has been working in Czech Republic since 1997. Since its foundation, it has been carrying out projects focused on the help to the needy.

The most important projects of the past comprise:

  • Humanitarian help to the Ukraine, which was accomplished in years 2000–2001. In total, there has been handed over 2480 kg of clothes, footwear, toys, teaching aids, etc.

    The past as well as the recent humanitarian help made many pople from Odessa and its surroundings a bit happier. They were senior citizens, families with children, children from foster homes, disabled persons and those who by the stroke of fate lost their roof over their head and their means. This time we brought the clothes also to the countryside and distributed them in four villages, to much delight of the villagers. About 1.5 thousand of people received the help.

    (Excerpt from the letter by Vladimir Skrjabin, Sathya Sai Center, Odessa, 2001)

  • Visits of children at oncological department in Motol hospital and visits at the centre for mentally handicapped at Liboc (in 2002).
  • Help during floods in 2002.
  • Providing financial aid for repairing a flat damaged by the flood for a particular family in Karlín – Prague.
  • Providing financial aid for building a house for a Bosnian familly afflicted by war.
  • During 2002–2008, our main activity has been rendering help to homeless people at the Main Railway Station in Prague. Similar service has been also performed at the Main Station in Pilsen during 2006–2008.

Currently, we carry out these projects:

  • Since summer 2007, we have been also running a service project aimed at regular help to one of our handicapped fellowmen.