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Published CDs and DVDs

Vtělení lásky 2 (CD – Embodiment of Love 2)

The second volume of CD “Embodiment of Love” brings ten beautiful “spiritual songs” sung by Satja Sai Baba. The CD includes also the well-known Prayer of liberation (Asato Ma) and the bhajan “Love is my form”, composed by Sai Baba himself.

The booklet of the CD contains Czech translations of all the songs and also original texts in Sanskrit or English. The authors of the musical accompaniment are Gianluca and Gabriele Ducros. Their sensitive compositions and orchestral accompaniment together with Sai Baba's voice form an unmistakable musical work.

Total time: 60:29.

Published by Sathya Sai Educational Centre with permission from Premasound, Italy, in Prague 2007.

Price: 295 Kč + postage fee

Vtělení lásky (CD – Embodiment of Love)

Sathya Sai Baba often sings during his speeches. He improvises and by short verses he conveys the basis of his teachings. His voice thrills the heart of everyone listening. Right this unmistakable Sai Baba's singing has inspired Gianluca and Gabriele Ducros to accompany his voice by fusion of Indian and Western instrumentation.

Published by Sathya Sai Educational Centre with permission from Premasound, Italy, in Prague 2005.

Price: 195 Kč + postage fee or 293 Sk + postage fee

Jeho dílo (DVD – His Work)

Almost 20 minutes long professionaly made movie which captures the most important areas of Sai Baba's activities and selfless service to mankind—hospitals for the poor, water supply project for more then 750 villages, educational institutions. In accordance with his proclamation “My life is my message”, he leads by his own example tens of thousands of people to fill their lives by love in thoughts, words and needs.

Published by Sathya Sai Organisation Poland in cooperation with other Sai organisations in Europe. The movie is dubbed in 14 languages, among others also in English, Czech and Slovak.

Price: 90 Kč + postage fee