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Sathya Sai Organisation - Czech Republic Human Values
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Education in human values

The ultimate goal of Sathya Sai Organization is to facilitate for every individual member a possibility to find their own answers to the question “Who am I”. There are several ways to search for an answer and therefore Sathya Sai Organisation has several fields of activities. One of them is education, Education in Human Values based on teachings of Sathya Sai Baba.

Concern is growing among teachers, parents and the general public that educational institutions worldwide are graduating students who possess skills and academic knowledge but little ethical or moral grounding to help improve society. There is a consensus around the globe demanding more values-based education that emphasizes the development of good character along with academic excellence. Such education is provided by Sathya sai Organisation in the form of Education in human values programmes for adults and children.

Education in Human Values for Adults

In the field of education in human values for adults Sathya Sai Organisation offers a complex programme consisting of lectures, seminars, and workshops.

A curriculum made by ESSE Institute is used. It emphasizes european aspect of human value education and follow a recommendation by Sathya Sai Baba, that the education should be based on the roots and heritage of a country where its held. Thus, courses in the Czech Republic are created with respect to the fact they are held in our country a for Czech audience.

Most courses and seminars are held in Czech by Czech facilitators. Some seminars are lead by foreign lecturers in English with translation into Czech.

Most of the activities is held over weekends, so that it can be attended while having a normal job or studying at a university. There is no limit on taking the individual parts, everyone proceeds at their own pace. The whole programme takes several years to finish and successful graduates earn a diploma. Anyone can participate, there are no entry exams. The education is free of charge.

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Education in Human Values for Children

In addition to education for adults Sai Organisation offers a programme for children aimed at character building. Children learn about human values in a way which is natural for them—they develop truthfulness, kindness, contentment, etc. The understanding of these values is deepened by group activities such as games, role playing, artistic activities, etc.

Currently, we are offering monthly lessons (except for summer holiday) for children in age the group 6-9. Lessons for the age group 10-13 are in preparation. Exact dates of the meetings can be found in the Event schedule.